Anti-Democratic Acts In The World Largest Democracy


India is the world’s largest democratic state but ironically, the most anti-democratic acts have been observed in India in the past few weeks. From depriving the lower class Hindus and the other minority groups, like Muslims, from basic rights to now targeting specific religion (Islam), brutally killing Muslims and committing violence against them, the democratic values seem to be weakened. Tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India have been a point of conflict for decades, since before the British left and the country achieved independence in 1947. However, when Modi’s government assumed charge in 2014, the number of crimes committed against Muslims has progressively escalated. Members of the BJP have not publicly recognized their ambition of establishing India a Hindu nation until now, but, the BJP’s majoritarian politics, excluding Muslims, the country’s second largest faith, has proven to be a successful tactic of doing so.


Democracy in India can questioned since the minorities are deprived of basic social, political and economic rights. This is unacceptable in a democratic state. This largest democracy is also trying to annex Kashmir, a Muslim majority area, which so is a non-democratic idea. Indian Muslims are in a threat. It is clear that India is targeting specific community or ethnic group (Muslims) and indirectly trying to do ethnic cleansing. This comes under genocide and the world needs to realize this Nazi side of the BJP government. Muslims of India have become increasingly marginalized population and are indeed the victims of hate crimes. It is not wrong to say that ‘being Muslim’ in the worlds’ largest democratic potentially cost you your life.



Hamna Seyyed

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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