Artificial Intelligence And Counter Terrorism


Artificial intelligence has changed dramatically over the last ten years, which has led to its adoption by organizations, businesses, and people for a range of purposes, from financial planning to mass monitoring. While countries compete to employ cutting-edge technology in military, law enforcement, and intelligence applications, its potential implications when used in counterterrorism strategy have only recently been investigated. Attention is also drawn to the many moral and ethical issues that need to be resolved before technology can be effectively employed to counteract terrorism and extremism.

New technologies may have been able to control the riots since they can improve the performance of tools used in many different fields. Artificial intelligence is specifically regarded as one of the most adaptable developing technologies having the ability to drastically boost the production and efficiency of various aspects in a variety of industries, such as medical, agriculture, policing, and counterterrorism. Domestic terrorist organizations constantly seek to undermine the governments of democracies. These organizations and movements frequently employ strategies like assaulting civilian targets in an effort to highlight the weak security of the government they are trying to overthrow.

Technology is not just used by the officials but the terrorists so acquire modern ways. The use of AI-powered technology to identify individuals who are at risk of radicalization in online communities in order to facilitate well reporting and intervention is another example of how it can be used to fight terrorism online. As has already been mentioned, radicalization is becoming an increasingly relevant phenomenon online. Additionally, it is one that cannot be found using normal law enforcement tactics. So indeed, artificial intelligence plays a very important role in countering terrorism by helping the officials gain accurate information. The proper use of artificial intelligence in countering terrorism can help in the prevention of home grown terrorism as well. It is important for keeping check and balance. The use of artificial intelligence has a lot of potential to help with online terrorism prevention. By classifying new entries, extracting patterns, flagging relevant information, developments, or relationships, and displaying outcomes, AI can benefit law enforcement in dealing with the massive amounts of collected data. It can assist in locating, identifying patterns and relationships that might otherwise go undetected can significantly assist law enforcement and to alter the direction of the fight against internet terrorism, counterterrorism organizations.



Hamna Seyyed

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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