China Condemns the Kabul Hotel Attack


On 12 December 2022 in Kabul, Afghanistan, a terrorist attack occurred on a hotel building having a majority of Chinese nationals. In this incident, five Chinese nationals were injured and some Afghan security officers were killed. The government of Afghanistan reported that a branch of the ISIS extremist group in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack.
This incident was of great concern to the Chinese government. Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the terrorist attack and told the Afghan government to take steps to protect Chinese nationals in Afghanistan.

In response to this incident, Wang Wenbin, the Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, said that the Chinese side considers the terrorist activity unacceptable. Wang emphasised that China vehemently opposes terrorism in all its manifestations. Furthermore, he noted that the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan immediately complained to the Afghan interim administration following the attack. The embassy asked them to take all necessary steps to identify and save Chinese people.
Additionally, the Chinese embassy urged the Afghan side to fully investigate the attack and punish those who are guilty. They also demanded that security measures for Chinese nationals and institutions in Afghanistan be greatly enhanced.
We extend our condolences to the members of the Afghan security forces who lost their lives in this incident, as well as our sympathies to those who were hurt, Wang said. It was also reported that China applauds the Afghan security forces’ prompt response to the attack and their attempts to save Chinese nationals.

In this regard, China pays great attention to Afghanistan’s security situation. They assist Afghan efforts to protect national security and stability, as well as to combat all forms of terrorism and violence.
The Foreign Ministry spokesperson asked the Afghan interim government to act quickly to protect Chinese citizens, organisations, and projects in Afghanistan.
Furthermore, the task force of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan also came to the site of the incident. Together with the Afghan side, they carried out rescue operations, provided medical attention, and located housing for the injured.



Maheen Tanveer

Research Associate

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