Indonesia-Pacific Forum for Development


Bali, Indonesia hosted the Indonesia-Pacific Forum for Development (IPFD) from December 7–8, 2022. Ministers, senior officials, and ambassadors from several nations participated in the IPFD, which was hosted by Indonesia.
Under the banner of “Grow and Prosper Together,” the Participants spoke on how they perceived the Pacific as a region of collaboration and solidarity.
Additionally, they emphasised the significant regional potential and common issues, such as minimising the Covid-19 pandemic’s consequences and hastening the economic recovery following the pandemic. The forum considered how to enhance collaborations for infrastructure development. They concentrated on ways to increase connectivity between people as well as between regions and islands.

Furthermore, it was acknowledged that climate change poses an existential threat to the area right now. The attendees applauded the commitments made at COP27, particularly the decision to fund “loss and damage” for weaker countries. They reiterated the need for technological development in this direction in order to establish a low-carbon economy.
The importance of strengthening ocean preservation measures was also acknowledged by IPFD because the ocean is a significant source of food and livelihood. A coordinated effort to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing was also demanded by the participants.
During an IPFD workshop on disaster management, the Participants stressed the necessity of increasing collaboration in disaster risk reduction.

Participants also considered strategies to strengthen collaborations to promote the area’s digital transformation, particularly by developing affordable, high-quality digital infrastructure and boosting digital literacy and skills.
The representatives stated a desire to increase women’s participation and roles in all areas of society. They held a session on women’s empowerment during IPFD.
The Participants were aware of the connection between education and the potential for independence in the next generation. They emphasised the need for collective action to ensure that everyone has access to education. The IPFD also talked about how to cooperate to combat the growing threats posed by global organised crime and non-traditional security challenges.
However, IPFD emphasises the tremendous opportunity for collaboration between Indonesia and the countries and territories of the Pacific area.
IPFD is a platform for developing partnerships between Indonesia and the countries of the Pacific, with the aim of assisting them in cooperating to create a prosperous, peaceful Indo-Pacific region.



Maheen Tanveer

Research Associate

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