OSCE Conference: Enhancing Economic and Environmental Security through Sustainable Development



The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Conference on the Economic and Environmental Dimension of Security was held in Struga, North Macedonia, on June 13-14, 2023. The conference brought together representatives from the OSCE’s 57 participating States, the private sector, academia, civil society, and international organizations to discuss economic and environmental aspects of security in the OSCE region. The conference focused on three key themes i.e. good governance and anti-corruption, energy security and climate change, and connectivity through transport and trade facilitation. Climate change remained in focus as it is a major threat to sustainable development and economic growth, and it is also a threat to environmental security in the region.

Importance of Sustainable Development for Economic and Environmental Security

Sustainable development is essential for economic and environmental security of a country because it strives to ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and social development. Sustainable development is a key factor in creating jobs, reducing poverty, and achieving economic growth. In fact, sustainable development and economic growth are two concepts that are linked. Sustainable development is a process of meeting human needs in a balanced way, preserving natural and social capital, and utilizing resources in a manner that does not compromise the needs of future generations. Economic growth is the process of increasing the size of an economy by expanding production and consumption. The importance of the interconnectivity of sustainable development and economic growth for a country’s economic and environmental security cannot be understated. Sustainable development allows countries to achieve economic growth without damaging the environment. This enables development to be achieved in a manner that is beneficial to all members of society, preserves the natural environment, and does not come at the cost of future generations. Economic growth in turn is necessary for a country to achieve its sustainability goals. Without economic growth, the resources necessary to fund the development of technology, infrastructure, and policies required for sustainable development are not available. Economic growth also increases employment opportunities and helps to improve the quality of life of citizens, which directly impacts the environmental security of a country. By combining sustainable development and economic growth, a country can ensure a balance between environment and economic security, as well as foster both economic development and environmental protection in a holistic manner.

Economic Growth, Sustainable Development and Environmental Security

Economic growth is determined by an increase in economic output, such as through increased production of goods and services, while sustainable development focuses on promoting a healthy environment and a thriving society. Sustainable development is necessary to ensure that economic growth is balanced with environmental concerns and social equity, while economic growth is necessary to ensure that there is the money to fund long-term sustainable development projects and programs. Environmental security is an important aspect of sustainable development and economic growth. To achieve sustainable development, it is very important to maintain a balance between economic growth and environmental security. Economic growth is vital for individuals and communities prosperity, and to improve their livelihoods and living standards. Economic growth can be used to encourage environmental security in a number of ways. For instance, governments can tax pollution, invest in clean energy, and provide incentives for businesses to reduce their environmental impacts. Additionally, businesses can be encouraged to adopt green practices, such as reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and using more sustainable materials. The key to achieving a balance between economic growth and environmental security lies in understanding the link between them. Ultimately, both are necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment and quality of life. Therefore, all the stakeholders must work together to find solutions that support economic growth and ensure economic and environmental security.

Recommendations from OSCE Conference for Economic and Environmental Security

The recommendations for action that were given in the conference by the OSCE participating States and other stakeholders are mentioned below:

  • Strengthening good governance and anti-corruption measures:The OSCE participating States will strengthen good governance and anti-corruption measures in their countries. This includes measures to increase transparency and accountability, to strengthen the rule of law, and to combat corruption.
  • Promoting energy security: The OSCE participating States seek to promote energy security in the region in sustainable way. This includes measures to diversify energy sources, to improve energy efficiency, and develop new renewable energy technologies.
  • Addressing the challenges posed by climate change:The OSCE participating States will address the challenges posed by climate change in the region. This includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to adapt to the effects of climate change, and to promote sustainable development.
  • Promoting connectivity:The OSCE participating States will work together to promote connectivity in the region. This includes measures to improve transport and trade links, to develop information and communication technologies, and to promote regional cooperation in a sustainable manner.



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