Pakistan’s proposal on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to include Turkey: A beneficial step?


According to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, an ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can be transformed into a “trilateral partnership” between China, Pakistan, and Turkey. This will enable all three friendly nations to benefit from its prospects. He also said that with the development of financial and industrial activities, trade activities have the potential to increase massively. The current CPEC project will help us achieve our purpose of maximizing regional connectivity and increasing trade. “Turkiye and Pakistan as ‘one nation living in two countries and even before the creation of Pakistan, the Muslims of the sub-continent supported the cause of their Turkish brethren,” said the Prime Minister of Pakistan. China and Turkey are ready to accept this proposal say both the countries’ presidents.

Pakistan and Turkey has a very strong, friendly and harmonious relationship since past 70 years. Turkey and its ideological partnership with Pakistan is significant not only for the peace in the region of South Asia, but also for Europe and the Gulf. On the other hand, China’s and Turkey’s relation has had ups and downs but now, both have been establishing Sino-Turkish strategic cooperation and economic partnership. CPEC would further deepen their economic partnership. This multilateral CPEC project is also leading China towards becoming an economic hegemon and would increase the global relevance of China. Also, Turkey is a key junction to connect China with Europe. This will be very favorable for China.

The partnership will not only be beneficial for economic purposes but, it will strengthen the internal situation of all the member countries and will prevent the external influence from the regions. The new strategic and economic alliances will be built. This Turkey, Pakistan and China relationship can also be helpful for taking a stand on Kashmir issue against India’s atrocities, Palestine issue and making Afghanistan’s circumstances better since they do depend on peace, security, and stability in South Asia and the Middle East. A Pakistani senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed has truly stated: ‘’The policies of “Muslim middle powers” can no longer be dictated by Western nations, while these nations should focus on connectivity, boosting their economies, and coming together for “mutual interests.” Pakistan and Turkey relationship in terms of CPEC will indeed build up a strong position of the two Islamic states in the Muslim world and internationally as well. CPEC is a multi-million project and the largest foreign investment so, it will definitely boost energy resources and increase international trade through its convenient routes balancing geopolitics and economics.



Hamna Seyyed

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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