Taiwan joins Forces with Japan to safeguard Regional Security


Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan, stated on 28 December 2022 that in order to protect regional security, Taiwan and Japan should work together with other democracies. She also made clear that Taiwan wishes to strengthen security relations and develop ties with Japan when she met with the delegation at the Presidential Office in Taipei.
The President added, “The nation would also engage in closer cooperation with democratic countries such as Japan, the US, and European nations. It wants to serve the common goals of maintaining peace and security and achieving free trade and economic prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region”.

National Defense Plan

Taiwan is considering creating a civilian militia and is required to support its reservist system under the national defense plan. The delegation’s leader, Japanese lawmaker Hiroshige Seko, praised the new defense strategy. Moreover, the new strategy calls for higher spending on the purchase of weaponry. Also, it emphasizes the acquisition of next-generation missile weapons, demonstrating Taiwan’s determination to assume control of its own defense.
Seko asserted that Tokyo has made it clear in its most recent national defense paper that it will not accept unilateral alterations to the “status quo” in the Taiwan Strait.
Moreover, the two sides also reviewed Japan’s revision of three crucial national security texts in light of China’s growing threats. This demonstrated Tokyo’s ability to respond to “contingencies” involving Taiwan.

Additionally, Seko emphasized that Japan recently amended its National Security Strategy and made a commitment to considerably raise defense spending. It seeks to increase its military capability, readiness, and ability to react to regional events.
The lawmaker expressed his hope that in the future, “we will further uphold the free and open Indo-Pacific advocated by former Prime Minister Abe, including India, Australia, and other like-minded countries, and do our best to unite and maintain peace and stability in the region.”
According to Seko, Japan listed Taiwan as a “very significant partner” in the strategy paper that was adopted on December 16.



Maheen Tanveer

Research Associate

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