Tourism And its Importance For a Country like Pakistan


Tourism is vital to the success of many economies around the world, especially in the country like Pakistan. There are several advantages of tourism in host destinations. Tourism increases the income of the economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the country’s infrastructure and creates a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. The number of jobs created by tourism in many different areas is significant. These jobs are not only part of the tourism sector, but can also include the agriculture sector, the transport sector, the health sector and the education sector. Tourism is a great opportunity for foreigners to learn about a new culture, but it also creates many opportunities for local citizens. It enables young entrepreneurs to introduce new products and services that would not be sustainable for local residents alone. In addition, residents feel the benefits of tourism in their own country.Along with tourist spending, businesses and people frequently contribute to the local economy by investing their travel earnings. Therefore, the tourism sector helps the local economy by generating additional revenue that is then spent there. Because a significant chunk of every cent made from tourism is continually reintroduced into the economy, it is for this reason that tourist income is frequently referred to as the multiplier impact. The multiplier effect is evident here.

Assuming there is understanding and policy on the part of stakeholders to develop the tourism culture, tourism can be a multibillion dollar sector in Pakistan. A nation’s image and reputation are assessed based on its ability to offer tourists, particularly foreign travelers, basic amenities.Why can’t Pakistan, a nation endowed with stunning natural beauty, earn more from tourism than India and China, which both generate more than $20 billion year, and numerous European nations like Switzerland, France, the UK, Italy, and Greece, which generate several hundred billions annually. Country is endowed with attractive tourists as well as historical and religious monuments that draw big numbers of foreign visitors. Peaks, glaciers, lakes, and forests in the north of Pakistan are well-known for attracting both domestic and foreign tourists in their millions. The historical buildings of Texila and Mohenjo Daro can also be very popular with visitors from abroad. The deserts of Sindh’s Tharparkar and Punjab’s Cholistan, as well as Pakistan’s seashore, particularly in Balochistan, have the potential to draw both domestic and international visitors in considerable numbers. Apart from the natural beauty of Pakistan, there are a lot of architectural sites and jewels in Pakistan, which, if maintained, will attract and leave many tourists amazed.

The governing bodies must ensure that sufficient facilities are provided if they are interested in promoting the tourism industry and domestic tourism. As tourism helps in growing economy of the host state it also does promote cultural diplomacy. Tourism also helps is promoting the positive image of any host country if it’s being taken seriously. The government should take all appropriate steps to strengthen the law and order situation. The government should then offer a variety of facilities in hotels and rental properties. It should be comfortable and simple to travel. There will be a boom in tourism as a result of all of this. The country’s tourism industry ought to meet the highest standards internationally. With this, Pakistan would become a highly hospitable nation for tourists.Many tourists travel to experience the host destination’s culture, various traditions and gastronomy. It is very convenient for local restaurants, shopping centers and shops. Governments that rely on tourism for a large percentage of their income invest heavily in the country’s infrastructure.They want more and more tourists to visit their country, which means safe and modern facilities are essential. This leads to new roads and highways, built parks, improved public spaces, new airports, and perhaps even better schools and hospitals. Secure and innovative infrastructures enable the smooth flow of goods and services. In addition, local people experience the opportunity for economic and educational growth. Tourism creates a cultural exchange between tourists and local citizens. Exhibitions, conferences and events usually attract foreigners. Organizers typically earn profits from registration fees, gift sales, exhibit space, and media copyright sales. In addition, foreign tourists bring diversity and cultural enrichment to the host country



Hamna Seyyed

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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