Turkey’s EU Accession at Stake: Erdogan Raises Concerns Over Sweden’s NATO Membership


In an astonishing proclamation, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan recommended recently that the European Association ought to permit Turkey’s promotion to the coalition before Turkiye’s parliament endorses Sweden’s offered to enlist in the NATO military partnership. Turkey’s endeavors to join the EU have been waiting for quite a long time since participation exchanges started in 2005 during Erdogan’s initial term as top state leader. Relations among Ankara and EU part states disintegrated, especially after the bombed overthrow endeavor in Turkiye in 2016, yet have since improved, with the alliance depending on Turkey’s help, especially on movement issues.

Erdogan’s startling change in procedure included connecting Turkiye’s endorsement of Sweden’s NATO bid to Turkey’s hotly anticipated EU enrollment. Preceding withdrawing for the NATO highest point in Vilnius, Erdogan approached nations that have kept Turkey trusting that more than 50 years will open the entryway for Turkey’s entrance into the European Association, and afterward Turkey would uphold Sweden, similarly as for Finland. He expressed that he would emphasize this interest during the culmination.

Nonetheless, a representative for the European Commission stressed that NATO and EU expansion are independent cycles and that every up-and-comer nation’s increase interaction depends on its singular benefits. The representative added that the two cycles can’t be connected. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg communicated help for Turkey’s EU enrollment yet expressed that, in his view, Sweden had previously satisfied the fundamental circumstances for joining NATO. He likewise referenced the chance of a positive choice with respect to Sweden at the Vilnius highest point.

Meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (President of Türkiye), Magdalena Andersson (Prime Minister of Sweden) and Sauli Niinistö (President of Finland)

Sweden and Finland presented their applications for NATO enrollment last year, leaving their approaches of military non-arrangement that had been set up during the Virus Battle because of Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine. While Finland’s NATO enrollment was supported in April, Turkey and Hungary still can’t seem to endorse Sweden’s offered. Sweden has been effectively pursuing joining the partnership at the Vilnius highest point.

Erdogan expressed that Sweden’s promotion relied upon the execution of an arrangement settled after during the previous summer’s NATO culmination in Madrid and stressed that Ankara wouldn’t make splits the difference in such manner. Turkey claims that Sweden has not made an adequate move against people it thinks about fear mongers, especially individuals from the banned Kurdistan Laborers Party (PKK), which is named a psychological militant association by Turkey, the EU, and the US.

Sinan Ulgen, a previous representative and head of the Istanbul-based Community for Monetary and International strategy Studies, communicated question that Erdogan’s move would reinforce Turkey’s situation at the Vilnius culmination. He recognized that the astounding declaration showed Turkey’s proceeded with point of view on EU enrollment yet proposed working with progress in Turkey’s offered for EU membership was far-fetched.

Erdogan likewise referenced that settling the contention among Ukraine and Russia would work with Kyiv’s NATO enrollment process.



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