Board of Governers

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General Ehsan ul Haq (Retd.) NI (M), HI (M)

former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
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Lt. Gen. Sikander Afzal (Retd.) HI (M)

former Force Commander of United Nations Mission in Liberia
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Vice Admiral Rao Iftikhar Ahmed (Retd.)

former Managing Director, Karachi Shipyard
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Brig Ishaq Ahmed (Retd.)

An expert on Afghan and International Security Affairs
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Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad

Vice Chancellor, University of Sargodha
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Dr. Khadija Shabbiri

Expert on Bio-safety, Post doc
Queensland University, Australia
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Rana Athar Javed

Director General & Founder
Pakistan House
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Lt Gen Khalid Rabbani (Retd) HI (M)

former 11 Corps Commander (Peshawar)
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Air Marshal Muhammad Yousaf (Retd.)

former Deputy Chief of Air Staff
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Ambassador Syed Abrar Hussain (Retd.)

former Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan
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Ms. Irram Allauddin

Director marketing and business Development S. Asia David Game college Group
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Dr. Shabana Fayyaz

Assistant Professor, Defence and Strategic Studies
Quaid i Azam University, Islamabad


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