Our Visiting Fellows

Our Visiting Fellows

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Dr. Zulfqar Khan

Nuclear Weapon-Security, Strategic and non- Proliferation Issues, Diplomacy, European History
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Dr. Rizwana Karim Abbasi

International Security and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, University of Leicester, UK
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Dr. Muhammad Abid

Director, Interdisciplinary Research Center,
Prof and Chairman ME Program, COMSATS
Area of Expertise: Renewable Energy, Water Resources,
Computational & Experimental Mechanics
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Dr. Iram Malik

Head Center for Policy Studies, COMSATS Islamabad
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Dr. Zafar Khan

Assistant Professor

Department of Strategic Studies (SS)
National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad
Area of Expertise: Nuclear policy/strategy, Security studies, Nuclear proliferation/non- proliferation, International Relations Theories, Arms control and disarmament

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Dr. Khalid Mahmood

Postdoc, Molecular Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark
PhD, Transport Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Nadir Shah Khan

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, AthGene – Copenhagen, Denmark
MSC Molecular Bio-Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Maj Gen (R) Dr. Zahir Shah

Former Project Director/CPEC Coordinator Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform Government of Pakistan
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Harriss Ali Akakhail

Journalist & Expert on Afghan Affairs