Torkham Border Closed on Afghan Side

Toorkhum border crossing shall be closed by Afghan side as off elections (20th October) and shall resume for activities by Sunday evening !! Update: Heavy fighting is presently raging between 02 ops sections of NDS / Afghan Special ops and ISIS at nargosi village / abdul khail area / achin district / Ningarhar province … […]

US Jets Bomb ISIS hideouts near Durand Line

Last night, US jets bombed ISIS hideouts in the hills of gurguri, Sheikha and kala areas (close to Durand line) / heska mena district / Ningarhar province and from today, missiles are fired towards the area from within camp fenty at jalalabad / Ningarhar province !

Attack on US General Scot Miller

In today‚Äôs afternoon US / NATO forces commander Gen. Scot miller, went over to see Kandahar Governor. Turyalay Wesa (1st picture), NDS Chief of Kandahar and I.G police Gen. Raziq Muhammad Khan Achakzai (2nd picture). After the meeting got over and the huddle came out of Governor house, 2 guards of the Governor opened fire […]