Robin L. Raphel
Former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs
Pakistan House fills a particularly important niche in the Pakistan think tank community. Its research and programs thoroughly and dispassionately assess the key national security issues of the day, carefully avoiding any political overlay that could distort sound analysis. From terrorism to cyber security, from strategic economic investments like CPEC to environmental threats, Pakistan House brings a fresh look at issues that effect all sectors of Pakistan society--government, business, and civil society, military--and helps facilitate thinking on the way forward for Pakistan and the region as a whole.
Lt General Phil Jones (Retd)
Former Chief of Staff NATO
“Pakistan House has been running an impressive and important series of seminars examining various aspects of Pakistan’s current and future foreign policy. This latest seminar titled ‘Pakistan’s Geo-Strategic Requirements: Strategic Alliances or Partnerships’ was one of the best. Pakistan House attracted an exceptional array of speakers from both the International Community and National bodies who looked at the topic from every angle and answered challenging questions from a well informed and lively audience. The seminar was very well organized and well attended. It was an honor and a pleasure to be an active participant. I strongly recommend that Pakistan House continues to build on this hugely valuable series of seminars; this is exactly the sort of open and wide ranging discourse any nation needs to help inform policy and strategy into the future.”