Global & Regional Studies


After the emergence of information technology, some scholars called world as the global village, means now the whole world is now a single village. It is just like that concept where all people know everybody living in the village; it was only possible due information technology. Later on it also called as globalization in which many new concepts emerged like global peace, global governance, global environment and global terrorism. The study of these different events is called global studies of events which changed the world scenario. The region can be specific like Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Eurasia. It may cover some specific events within the region and its impacts on region and world as well. Pakistan House is also conducting studies which change the world scenario like war on terrorism. 


The Center for Global, International & Regional Studies (CGIRS), established in 1996, through a merger of the Global Transformations ORU and the IGCC funded Stevenson College Program on Global Security, is the primary center for the study of international affairs at UCSC.  CGIRS is also the institutional home for th Everett Program (formerly known as the Global Information Internship Program) and manager of the campus programs for the UC System wide Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation and the Pacific Rim.

CGIRS and its affiliates work to seek better understanding of the complex issues surrounding the environmental, economic, social and political structures of the 21st century, through innovative, thoughtful and critical faculty research, undergraduate curricula and public outreach, and policy analysis and action. Its programs and activities recognize that contemporary societies are anchored in specific regions and locales even as they are also linked to other places and levels by complex political, economic, social and cultural networks of communication and action.