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Strategic Assessment

CHINA’S MILITARY & THE U.S.-JAPAN ALLIANCE IN 2030: A Strategic Net Assessment

The emergence of the People’s Republic of China as an increasingly significant military power in the Western Pacific presents major implications for Japan, the U.S.-Japan alliance, and regional security.

Chinas Military and US Japan Alliance

China’s Carbon Emissions Report 2015

China’s carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning and cement production were 8.50 Gt CO2 in 2012, making it the country with the largest emissions in the world. China’s carbon emissions were only 5.46 Mt CO2 in 1950, thus the total emissions increased more than 100-folds during those 60 years. Such a growth rate was the highest among the world’s major economies.

Chinas carbon emissions report

The Role of Integrated Assessment Models in Climate Policy: A User’s Guide and Assessment

Greenhouse gas emissions are a textbook case of a global externality. The starting point for any policy to address this market failure is an assessment of the monetized social marginal damages from emissions – the net damages arising from one additional ton of emissions in any given year. The classic prescription for an externality of this type is to set a price on emissions equal to the social marginal damages.

Assessment Models in Climate Policy