Gachrang – Public Arts & Cultural Heritage


Gachrang is an interdisciplinary cross connections between art design Architecture and the works are inspired by the quote of Marshal McLuhan, who introduced the concept of globalization, “the medium is message.” The art practice was making art projects which were funded by different organizations ever since 1974. Their inclination in creativity drove them to travel through exploring and exploiting the connecting offshoots of art forms and communication skills within drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelry design, handmade paper making, fashion design, theatre, classical dance Mughal Court, make ups and body paintings, acting on television, organizing events, developing spatial narratives and Architecture etc. Gachrang believes in working for aesthetical functionality for the people and a social philosophy to introduce communal constructivism. They are working to achieve a goal to bring about awareness of Pakistan’s identity through the Medium of Art. Their major projects are: 

Army Public School Directorate, Rawalpindi

Army Public School, Peshawar

Mural on Pakistan Movement SSM, Islamabad

Pakistan Monument Shakarparian, Islamabad

Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, Islamabad

Sindh Assembly

Mural on The World Bank, Islamabad, etc.

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