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Marine Life


There are a number of protected wetlands (under Ramsar Convention) in Pakistan. These include Tanda dam and Thanedar Wala in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Chashma barrage, Taunsa barrage and Uchhali complex in Punjab, Haleji lake, Hub dam and Kinjhar lake in Sindh, Miani Hor in Balochistan. The wetlands are an habitat for migratory birds such as dalmatian pelicans and demoiselle crane as well as predatory species of osprey, common kingfisher, fishing cat and leopard cat near the coast line. Chashma and Taunsa Barrage Dolphin Sanctuary protects the threatened species of Indus river dolphins which tend to live in freshwater.

The coastline of Pakistan is 1,050 km long and consists of a variety of habitat types, supporting a wide range of animals, of which over 1000 are fish species in the reefs of its continental shelf. The east half of the coast of Pakistan is located in the south of Sindh province which features Indus River Delta and coast of Great Rann of Kutch

A recent report informed us that Pakistan’s fishermen are violating rules regarding the use of gill nets and that about 30 dolphins and several whale sharks are killed every month after becoming entangled in these illegal nets. Additionally, several turtles also die after being caught in the nets, and every so often, Karachi and Gwadar find a dead whale or shark lying entangled in a net on their shores

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