National security is regarded as a duty of government, and refers to the security of a nation state. It includes protection of a country’s economy, citizens, and institutions. Initially considered as protection against military attacks, national security is now extensively understood to include non-military dimensions, including economic security, energy security, environmental security, food security, cyber security etc. Correspondingly, national security risks include, in addition to the actions of other nation states, action by violent non-state actors, narcotic cartels, and multinational corporations, and also the effects of natural disasters.

National security is surrounded by the concept of “Protection of one’s own national core values and interests”. National security emphasizes on the concept that national power plays a key role in the international sphere, it helps to shape country’s foreign policy. National security also distinguishes among the key components that shape the picture of a nation. Core values for national security are not the same, the regional understanding is a vital interest for making national security policy. Security relates to a particular society as well as to a certain community.

Cultural and civilizational statuses in modern-day world are also shaping the national security. In the contemporary world, non-dimensional tactics are being employed by adversaries. Governments rely on a range of measures, including political, economic, and military power, as well as diplomacy to enforce national security. They may also act to build the conditions of security regionally and internationally by reducing transnational causes of insecurity, such as climate change, economic inequality, political exclusion, and nuclear proliferation.

Pakistan’s security situation has been very fragile. This security situation is due to the multiple factors, some internal and some external. For the last few years, Pakistan has been faced by many security issues. Terrorism, economic and political instability, corruption and unemployment; these factors have played a major role in shaping Pakistan’s current form. Historically speaking, Pakistan’s geo-political situation has always been under threat. With the pattern of relationships with India and Afghanistan, Pakistan always have a fragile and hostile strategic environment. Currently, Pakistan is focusing on exploring new ways to strategize its environment. Economic stability and balanced political environment is a core objective of Pakistan’s defense policy.

At Pakistan House, we are actively engaged in giving recommendations for national security & defense policy of Pakistan. Paving a suitable way for Pakistan’s security policy and building a comprehensive approach towards the defense policies. Emphasizing on the national interests and making a foreign policy based on national values and objectives is a matter of great concern for Pakistan House.