UN Human Rights Council Investigate India for Human Rights Violations in Kashmir


By Dr. Rita Pal

For decades, the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir have suffered persistent human rights violations at the hands of the Indian authorities and the Army. Over the years, numerous leading human rights groups like Amnesty International have been heavily critical of India. 
In April 2016, a US report stated “There were few investigations and prosecutions of human rights violations arising from internal conflicts.”  The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. Nothing has been done about the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which is used to kill innocent civilians without trial or judgment. India cannot continue to hide behind the AFSPA anymore. Thousands of lives have been lost. 

Moreover, the population are demanding the right for self-determination as mandated by the United Nations resolutions. There appears to be a dictatorship as opposed to a democracy at present. The Indian government continues to suppress the freedoms of opposition parties. 
Civilians are brutally punished if they are seen to challenge or campaign against the oppressive occupation. Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has taken to shutting off internet services intermittently, so that civilians cannot communicate with the outside world. 
It is for all these reasons that India must be held accountable for these human rights violations. Civilians have suffered since the 1990s without any assistance from international bodies. We would therefore like the Human Rights Council to take account of the evidence with a view to mounting an investigation into the serious oppression and human rights violations suffered by the people of Kashmir. 

Jan. 1989 to March 31, 2016
Total Killings 94,332
Custodial Killings 7,043
Civilians Arrested 133,387
Structures Arsoned/Destroyed 106,063
Women Widowed 22,810
Children Orphaned 107,556
Women gang-raped / Molested 10,176
Enforced Disappearances 10,000 +

 Courtesy: www.change.org

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