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Expanding US and NATO Strategic Objectives, China vs. Taiwan: Risk of Military Confrontation

The conflict between China and Taiwan dates back to the Chinese Civil War in 1949. China has territorial claims over Taiwan and considered it as a breakaway province that has to become a part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) ultimately. However, the Taiwanese oppose the view and contemplate Taiwan as an independent state. […]

International Assessment

A Critical Assessment of China’s Interests in Afghanistan: Post U.S. Military Withdrawal By Zara Qurban Since the withdrawal of the U.S. troops and its European allies after decades of war in April 2021, Afghanistan is entangled in the wickedest kind of security. Afghanistan’s commandeering by the Taliban after the U.S. military withdrawal has presented the […]

Monthly International Assessment Report

Deadliest Protests in Myanmar For over a month now the unarmed civilians have gathered in streets and markets to protest against the illegal grab of power by the new military rulers of Myanmar, who ousted the democratically elected government. The security forces continue the use of lethal force against the demonstrators protesting against the military [...]

International Assessment Report

Artificial Intelligence vs National Security Artificial Intelligence, or commonly known as AI, is a briskly emerging field of technology. The rapid growth of AI has substantial implications on national security. The potential international competitors include the USA, China, and Russia. Artificial intelligence is highly used in developing applications to cater to a range of military […]

International Assessment Report

Indian Farmers Upset on New Agricultural Reforms:   Thousands of Indian farmers filled the streets of Haryana, governed by BJP, and started marching towards New Delhi on November 26th against contemporary agricultural reforms. The protests have been going on since September in Haryana but Indian police force used tear gas, water cannons and barricades to disband […]

International Assesment Report

United States Elections: Domestic and Foreign Policy Implications Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the United States of America. People who have voted in favor of Biden are clear about their domestic and foreign policy views. Most of the people support the involvement of the US in other countries but worried about the […]

International Assessment Report

Biotechnology   Biotechnology is now one of the fastest growing areas of bio-sciences. Huge sums have been spent by the Planning Commission of Pakistan for developing infrastructure, capacity building and HRD for undertaking R&D in biotechnology especially related to agriculture and health in various universities and R&D institutes. Presently, there are around 30 centers of […]

Assessing Vulnerability to Global Environmental Risks

The last several years have witnessed a significant evolution in what society wants to know about global environmental risks such as climate change, ozone depletion, and biodiversity loss. Until recently, most scientific assessments of such risks focused on the anatomy of conceivable environmental changes themselves, while devoting relatively little attention to the ecosystems and societies […]

The Role of Integrated Assessment Models in Climate Policy: A User’s Guide and Assessment

Greenhouse gas emissions are a textbook case of a global externality. The starting point for any policy to address this market failure is an assessment of the monetized social marginal damages from emissions – the net damages arising from one additional ton of emissions in any given year. The classic prescription for an externality of this type is […]

CHINA’S MILITARY & THE U.S.-JAPAN ALLIANCE IN 2030: A Strategic Net Assessment

The emergence of the People’s Republic of China as an increasingly significant military power in the Western Pacific presents major implications for Japan, the U.S.-Japan alliance, and regional security. Chinas Military and US Japan Alliance Chinas-Military-and-US-Japan-Alliance