Center for Science Diplomacy Pakistan (CSD)

About CSD

The Center aims to build Bridge between research centers, institutes, societies and nations through closer interactions between science and diplomacy and elevate the role of science to address national and international challenges.

The center will enhance scientific collaborations among nations to address the common problems faced by this region and build a strong regional and international partnership.

Despite the great political tensions in the past between countries such as USSR-US and currently (North-Korea-US, US-Iran and US-Cuba) relations, science diplomacy has been a tool to build collaboration among scientists and produced beneficial outcomes. Science and Technology is critical to fostering innovation and economic prosperity in a highly competitive and interconnected world and are essential for solving national and global problems. We are facing several issues like climate change, energy crisis, food insecurity, health, poverty etc. These can be solved by providing factual data to policy makers and promoting national and international linkages and this is what center is aim to do.

This center will be first of its kind in Pakistan and we are very hopeful that it will play an important role in promotion of science in Pakistan, in the region and internationally.