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Welcome to Pakistan House

Pakistan House is an independent think tank of International Affairs. Our main objective is to establish better channels of communication between Pakistan and Rest of the World. Pakistan House is a Registered Trust under 1882 Act.

The institute’s newsletter, assessments reports, books and other research outputs are a vital resource for policy-makers in and civil society. Pakistan’s leading efforts in stabilizing South Asia and beyond coupled with an up-to-date commentary on security related topics are some of the main themes. Our digital collections are archived and searchable on the website.





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Cold Start or Hot Start, We are Ready

Cold Start or Hot Start, We are Ready! Iqbal Khan                                                                                                     September 9, 2015 ARMY chief’s quip: “Cold start or Hot start, We are ready!” is...

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9 hours ago

Pakistan House

Chairman WAPDA Lieutenant General (Retd) Muzammil Hussain has revealed that the United States (US), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and World Bank are against Diamer Bhasha Dam and the US is supporting India over the said issue. He also alleged that foreign powers were involved in agitating the sentiments of local people for opposing the Diamer Bhasha Dam project. ... See MoreSee Less

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11 hours ago

Pakistan House

According to details, Air India had to face a loss of six billion rupees since March 16 due to closure of Pakistan’s airspace.

The flights have to travel via Gujrat and Arabian Sea to reach Europe and America. This has been the main reason of the loss of Air India. Not only that, Air Indiaflights have to land at Sharjah and Vienna for refueling.

India’s distance with Western countries have increased by four more hours due to suspension of Pakistan’s airspace. This has caused difficulty to passengers as well.

Moreover, Indian media reports said that two international airplanes had narrowly avoided a crash last week in Mumbai’s airspace.
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14 hours ago

Pakistan House

The Taliban have captured 58 Afghan border soldiers, the defence ministry said, after days of fighting which saw dozens of troops briefly chased into neighbouring Turkmenistan.

“Unfortunately, 58 BSS (border security soldiers) are captured by the enemies,” a defence ministry tweet said on Monday, adding “Search Ops will continue until we release them”.
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