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Welcome to Pakistan House

Pakistan House is an independent think tank of International Affairs. Our main objective is to establish better channels of communication between Pakistan and Rest of the World. Pakistan House is a Registered Trust under 1882 Act.

The institute’s newsletter, assessments reports, books and other research outputs are a vital resource for policy-makers in and civil society. Pakistan’s leading efforts in stabilizing South Asia and beyond coupled with an up-to-date commentary on security related topics are some of the main themes. Our digital collections are archived and searchable on the website.





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Cold Start or Hot Start, We are Ready

Cold Start or Hot Start, We are Ready! Iqbal Khan                                                                                                     September 9, 2015 ARMY chief’s quip: “Cold start or Hot start, We are ready!” is...

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1 day ago

Pakistan House

Pakistan received record-breaking remittances of more than $2 billion from expats in different countries.

The remittance of $2.3 billion sent by overseas Pakistanis is an all-time high received in a single month. Previously, the remittances crossed the mark of $2 billion twice throughout the country’s history – $2.08 billion in August and $2.06 billion October in the current financial year.
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1 day ago

Pakistan House

#India denied entry to a Pakistani special train, which was supposed to bring pilgrims to Jore Mela at Gurdwara Dera Sahib in Lhr. 146 #Sikh pilgrims were present at Attari Shyam Singh Railway Station in Amritsar to leave for Lhr, but they denied entry to train at the last moment. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Pakistan House

A leading British Sikh philanthropist has announced to commit massive £500 million injections into Pakistan Gurdwaras to respond to Pakistani state’s decision to establish the Kartarpur Corridor to facilitate Sikhs from all over the world into Pakistan to visit their holiest of sites. ... See MoreSee Less

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