International Assessment20211017171751

International Assessment

A Critical Assessment of China’s Interests in Afghanistan: Post U.S. Military Withdrawal By Zara Qurban Since the withdrawal of the U.S. troops and it...
Monthly International Assessment Report20210303080454

Monthly International Assessment Report

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International Assessment Report20210126085733

International Assessment Report

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Artificial Intelligence vs National Security Artificial Intelligence, or commonly known as AI, is a briskly emerging field of technology. The rapid gr...
International Assessment Report20201130120856

International Assessment Report

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Indian Farmers Upset on New Agricultural Reforms:   Thousands of Indian farmers filled the streets of Haryana, governed by BJP, and started march...
International Assesment Report20201124123955

International Assesment Report

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United States Elections: Domestic and Foreign Policy Implications Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the United States of America. People who ...
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International Assessment Report

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Biotechnology   Biotechnology is now one of the fastest growing areas of bio-sciences. Huge sums have been spent by the Planning Commission of Pa...
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International Assessment Report

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Pakistan’s struggle to go green while CPEC coal power plants continue to grow Executive Summary China and Pakistan have a long-standing economic and p...