The UN’s Reckless And Inefficient Record In Case Of Israel Palestine Conflict


United Nations, in general, and its Security Council, in particular, lack the motivation and legitimacy to counter the Israeli- Palestinian crisis. Israel-Palestinian conflict is a prolonged conflict and the international organization like U.N has also failed to de-escalate the situation in Palestine. It is important to know that all sides can benefit from a multinational peacekeeping force. It can provide Palestinians with security from Israel’s coercive and oppressive military rule. It will provide stability for Israelis without the domestic corruption that draconian militarism brings. It can provide both sides the room to breathe they need to restore bridges that have been destroyed in recent decades but The United States, Israel’s supporter and ally, has an important veto on the UN. As one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, Washington has used its veto power to protect Israel multiple times, not to mention the possibility, of a veto on several other occasions to stifle resolutions from its start. The super power like U.S supports the violence done by Israel and U.N is obviously under the influence of U.S. Even today the genocide is being done by the Israeli’s on the people of Palestine and UNSC, UNHRC, the whole U.N still decides to remain silent. Their infrastructure needs to be reformed in order for it to be a more powerful tool for global peace and security.

Today, what is happening in Palestine like Crimes against humanity, genocide of Muslims by Israeli’s, ethnic cleansing, Human rights violations, which are not even categorized as crimes and has been declared just, clearly shows that how biased U.N is. The U.N has left a big question mark in the face of the whole world that aren’t the Palestinian humans? Are these Human rights for selective people? U.N is still capable to send the peacekeeping forces in order to de-escalate the conflict but still does nothing. This can be considered as one of the biggest failure of U.N. This needs to have a permanent solution. Whenever any other event is going on in the world, the attention gets diverted from Israel and Palestine conflict and the violence continues.



Hamna Seyyed

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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