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North American Leaders to Deepen Cooperation on Semiconductors

At the 10th North American Leaders Summit, the three leaders including Joe Biden, President of the United States, Canada’s Prime Miniter Justin Trudeau and Lopez Obrador of Mexico decided to cooperate and enhance supply in the semiconductor market, which is largely controlled by Asia, particularly China. The three leaders have made a commitment to collaborate […]

Providing “More Heavy Weaponry” To Ukraine

Ukraine has long lobbied for more powerful weapons, such as tanks, but Western countries have been reluctant due to concerns about getting sucked into the conflict or aggravating Russia. According to Stoltenberg, “the recent commitments for heavy military weaponry are significant, and I anticipate more in the near future.” The remarks were made in advance […]

Outbreak Of Another Disease

After the COVID, followed by the dieseases caused by flood Pakistan is again facing an outbreak of a disease diphtheria. The dangerous bacterial strains known as Corynebacterium diphtheriae that cause diphtheria produce a toxin. It may result in breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, and even death. To prevent diphtheria, the CDC advises vaccinations for newborns, kids, […]

China-Ecuador Free Trade Agreement

On January 3, 2023, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso announced that a free trade agreement had been reached with China. The deal has reached between the two countries after negotiations of 1 year which started in February, 2022. The Chinese and Ecuadorian delegations were successful in concluding negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) after four […]

Taiwan joins Forces with Japan to safeguard Regional Security

Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan, stated on 28 December 2022 that in order to protect regional security, Taiwan and Japan should work together with other democracies. She also made clear that Taiwan wishes to strengthen security relations and develop ties with Japan when she met with the delegation at the Presidential Office in Taipei. […]

South Korea Responds to North Korea’s Drone Invasion

Drones were sent into North Korea’s air space by South Korea on December 26, 2022. After the leadership, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent five unmanned aerial vehicles into its airspace. This led to an unprecedented tit-for-tat military action by South Korea. Drones were exchanged as Kim Jong Un kicked off a significant political […]

Tougher Year Ahead?

According to the chief of IMF, 2023 is going to be a tough one. He says 2023 to be tougher for global economy than 2022. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief has warned that this year would be more difficult than 2022 for the majority of the global economy because of the sluggish growth in […]

Energy Crisis In Europe: Impact Of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had a significant impact on the energy crisis in Europe. The crisis has been caused by a combination of factors, including the disruption of natural gas supplies from Russia, the closure of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, and the increasing demand for energy in Europe. Economic sanctions […]

Winter Storm Hits America: Extreme Weather Is A “New Normal”

Due to impacts of climate change, the year 2022 has experienced devastating weather events in the form of a terrible flood that drowned a third of Pakistan, one of the three costliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States, severe droughts in Europe and China, a famine in Africa brought on by a drought, and […]

Appointment of Spain’s Ambassador to Venezuela: A new era of Diplomatic Relations

Introduction Spain has made a significant step toward improving relations with Venezuela with the appointment of a new ambassador on 28th December, 2022. Since the tensions between two nations erupted in 2020, Ramon Santos has been named as the first ambassador to the Spanish mission in Venezuela, which depicts a new era of bilateral and […]