North American Leaders’ Summit



The North American Leaders’ Summit also known as “Three Amigos” Summit was held in Mexico City. At the trilateral summit, the leaders of North America including the United States, Mexico and Canada met in Mexico City and pledged to work together on issues such as trade conflicts, energy regulations and the region’s rising migration flows. President Biden and Mexican President Lopez Obrador met after nearly two years of politically tense interactions between the two countries. The first trip to Mexico by a U.S. president since 2014 was a crucial one with an aim to make efforts to warm up chilly relationship with a significant economic partner and improving the alliance as a mandate of U.S. foreign policy. The three-way meeting’s and summit closed with a joint news conference and with a positive outcome as the three leaders intended to create a regional supply network in North America that is independent of other countries. It is because the COVID-19 pandemic caused interruptions in the global supply chain for goods required in manufacturing which significantly hindered the North American trade.


Following the cancellation of the triangular meeting between the regional partners by his predecessor Donald Trump, Biden resurrected the “Three Amigos” discussions in 2021 in an effort to normalize relations between the three countries. Since the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed in 1994, the three countries have been formally trading partners, becoming an economic giant that accounts for nearly one-third of the world’s GDP. In the first ten months of 2022, the United States traded goods worth more than $3 million each minute with Mexico and Canada. Together, the nations can find solutions to mutual concerns including trade, immigration, human trafficking and other associated problems.

President Biden’s Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister

At the sidelines of the North American Leaders’ Summit, the United States President Joe Biden met with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Mexico City. A wide variety of bilateral and global topics were discussed by the Prime Minister and the President. President Biden was invited to Canada by Prime Minister Trudeau. In March, the President will travel to Canada, the White House has also confirmed the news. The crucial significance of North American trade, competitiveness and supply chains, particularly essential minerals and semiconductors was discussed by the two leaders. The Prime Minister emphasized the advantages of free trade between Canada and the United States in particular with regards to trade. Moreover, the shared commitment of defense and security of North America also come under the talks.

President Biden’s Meeting with Mexico’s President

In order to improve bilateral ties between the United States and Mexico as well as to build a more economic and secure future for North America, President Biden also met with President Lopez Obrador of Mexico. According to the White House statement, the meeting was based on 200 years of bilateral ties between the United States and Mexico, a strong alliance that the reflection reflection of our shared ideals as well as the ties that bind the two nations familial and cultural bonds. The Bicentennial Framework for Security, Public Health and Safe Communities was reviewed by the two Presidents and highlighted the importance of increasing collaboration to prosecute drug traffickers. The two leaders underlined their commitment to tackle the underlying causes of migration as well as to use effective strategies in order to deal with irregular migration.

Outcomes of the Summit

As per White House release, the three leaders look in to the options that promote a common vision for North America. In order to boost North America’s economic competitiveness and encourage inclusive growth and prosperity, President Biden and other leaders has used North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS) as a great opportunity. The three nations will strengthen their economic ties encourage investment and will support innovation, competition and adaptability in different fields with the help of private sector. Another important thing is, the need for quick, coordinated and ambitious action to create clean energy economies and address the climate issue is acknowledged by the United States, Mexico and Canada. The three leaders made a commitment to address the climate catastrophe at the NALS by devising Climate Action Plan and reducing gas emissions at least 15% by 2030. Additionally, efforts will be made to coordinate policies and activities to combat human, drug and arms trafficking which pose a threat to all three countries and regional peace and security.



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