Owing To The Sikh Separatist Group, Trade Negotiations Between India And Britain Have Halted


India has withdrawn from trade talks with Britain, claiming that Britain has failed to condemn the Sikh separatist group responsible for attacking the Indian High Commission in London last month. A source from Whitehall stated that India is refusing to engage in trade discussions until there is a public display of condemnation towards Khalistan extremism in the UK.

The attack occurred on March 19 when demonstrators with Khalistan banners protested at the High Commission and removed the Indian flag from the building’s first-floor balcony. Khalistan is an independent Sikh state sought by some groups, but it does not exist. India has protested against the actions taken by separatist elements against their mission in London, summoning the most senior British diplomat in New Delhi. British Foreign Minister James Cleverly has promised to review security at the Indian High Commission in London following the “unacceptable acts of violence” towards the mission’s staff.

Protests have erupted outside Indian consulates in Britain, Canada, and the United States after the Punjab police launched a manhunt for Sikh separatist Amritpal Singh, who has been advocating for the creation of Khalistan. The Punjab police have been searching for Singh since March 18, and have taken measures such as cutting off mobile internet in the Sikh-majority northern state of 30 million people for days, arresting more than 100 of his followers, and banning gatherings of more than four people in certain places.

Khalistan alludes to an autonomous Sikh state looked for by certain gatherings however which doesn’t exist. As indicated by the BBC, swarms had accumulated external the high commission’s structure windows were broken, after which India requested a clarification for the “complete shortfall of English security” in the vicinity. Indian every day The Hindu detailed that essentially 100 cops were standing gatekeeper on the two roadsides outside the High Commission in London. Experts in India’s northern territory of Punjab had likewise sent off a significant quest for Singh, who has ascended to noticeable quality lately requesting the production of Khalistan, a different Sikh country. Indian specialists had broadened a versatile web power outage across a condition of around 30 million individuals as police chased a Sikh minister, Amritpal Singh. That very day, police said they had captured 114 individuals up until this point however Singh’s whereabouts were obscure.



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