Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: Strengthening Military Capabilities and Economic Ties


Pakistan Army and Royal Saudi Land Forces Conduct Joint Exercises

On 20th February, 2024, the Pakistan Army and Royal Saudi Land Forces conducted a combined military drill at Muzaffargarh. Both forces participated in the drills, which included Combined Battle PT, small scale operations, room clearance, close marksmanship, firing and repelling. Cobra helicopters were also a part of these exercises. The troops received intense training to master helicopter mounting and dismounting in view of terrorism. The joint exercises provided both countries’ armed forces with an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiment to strengthen their military capabilities.

Saudi-Pakistani Business Forum

Apart from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s close defense ties and cooperative bilateral security measures, the two countries share cordial ties and economic relations. In order to explore expanding bilateral cooperation and collaborations across all domains, a joint defense forum between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan convened last month. On 21st February, 2024, the Saudi-Pakistani Business Forum commenced in Riyadh which was attended by prominent Saudi and Pakistani representatives. Pakistan’s Minister of Commerce, Gohar Ejaz, expressed his commitment to improve the business environment, and support the private sector in order to boost bilateral trade and investment between the two nations. This is particularly important since Pakistan offers Saudi investors a sizable market and opportunity. In addition, Saudi Arabia is home to roughly 2.7 million Pakistani expats, making it the leading remittance destination for Pakistan.

To conclude, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have strong economic and security relations, which bodes well for their future. The joint military exercises strengthen their military cooperation and strategic partnership, whereas investments and worker remittances drive economic growth. Despite some differences, both countries have a bright future because of their commitment to stability and shared interests.



Ezba Walayat

Research Associate, Pakistan House

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