IOK: Humanitarian Crisis?


The entire Kashmiri people are under siege in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).  It has become the most militarized zones in the world.  Since August 5th, 2019 Indian government has imposed curfew and a complete black out of communication, food supply, and thus generated one of the worst humanitarian crisis in current history. More than eight million people are under extreme social and military control. The abrogation of article 370 and 35-A has transformed the relationship between the Kashmiris and the Indian government. According to all international legal standards, India has annexed Jammu & Kashmir because India disregarded all UNSC resolutions and bilateral agreements. There are historical and ideological reasons that why India violated international law.

As a result of comprehensive communication breakdown, the fate of Kashmiris is unknown. There are some credible reports that thousands of Kashmiri youth have been transported out of Kashmir and imprisoned in different Indian prisons. The human rights organizations have serious concerns about the lives of these detainees, and there are reports of mass rape. However due to prudent diplomatic and political campaign of Pakistan, the current humanitarian crisis IOK is internationalized.

The current BJP government is known for its extremist Hindutva policies and thus created a remarkable challenge for the so-called secular sections of Indian society. The RSS is the front of BJP and by share control of resources, the RSS has forced the government to terminate all minorities including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits – because the RSS believes that Hindus are the most superior of all human race.  The Prime Minister Imran Khan has mentioned the role of RSS in determining the future of India. In his recent speech (26 August), “They (RSS) believed that Hindus were supreme and there was a hatred for Muslims in their ideology. Their leaders followed racist and fascist ideologies”.

As earlier mentioned, that Pakistan had managed to internationalized the plight of Kashmiri people, still there are countries which apparently have supported India’s current constitutional action against the people of Jammu & Kashmir but major countries have emphasized that Pakistan and India should resolve the issue bilaterally. The humanitarian crisis in IOK however has been highlighted and stressed upon. As a first step this diplomatic effort perhaps need more imputes, in order to galvanize support from both Muslim and Western worlds. Iran for instance has presented a resolution in favor of Kashmiri people.

According to KMS, a member of the Iranian parliament, Ali Mathari, presenting the resolution said that all the Muslim countries including Iran had an important responsibility regarding the oppressed Kashmiri Muslims and the Kashmir dispute. He said that ending special status of Kashmir was an important matter and the Muslim countries should support the people of Kashmir in this hour of trouble. The people of Kashmir, he added, are innocent and India is cruel because it is violating the legal rights of the Kashmiris.

To conclude, it is the responsibility of international community and the United Nation to prevent Indian PM Modi’s Hindu nationalist government to commit genocide against innocent Kashmiris. For India, it is vital to comprehend that Pakistan “will go to any lengths” to support the cause of the oppressed Kashmiri people” as PM Imran Khan put it, but also will severely retaliate any Indian aggression or military misadventure.



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