World Leaders Condemn Imran Khan’s Assassination Attempt


The shooting at a political gathering on November 3, 2022, which Imran Khan’s party described as an assassination attempt and resulted in one person being murdered, other people being hurt, and protests from Khan’s fans, was survived by Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan.

The gunshot at the PTI gathering that injured former prime minister Imran Khan and others was “highly condemned” by the United States. In a statement, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed sympathies to the family of the victim who was slain and wished Imran Khan and all others a speedy and complete recovery. The Secretary of State urged all parties to refrain from using violence, harassment, and intimidation, saying that it had no place in politics. The United States is deeply committed to a democratic and peaceful Pakistan, and we stand with the Pakistani people, the secretary continued in his statement.

The assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan was denounced by numerous other foreign leaders, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “I strongly condemn this violence and utterly reject the attack on Imran Khan and his followers. It has no place in our culture, in politics, or in any democracy. Imran and all those hurt today deserve a quick recovery, Trudeau tweeted on his official Twitter account.
The attempted assassination of the former premier in Gujranwala was condemned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well.
In addition, “Imran Khan is strong and will get back on his feet,” according to Britain’s Minister of State Zac Goldsmith, who called the news of the incident disgusting. He said, “Those forces in Pakistan who think they can suppress democracy there via murder are wrong, and they will be exposed to be wrong.”

Moreover, the news shocked and saddened eminent Islamic scholar Mufti Menk. “I send him my best wishes for a quick recovery. Regardless of our disagreements, all forms of violence are completely abhorrent and wrong” he continued.
In this context, James Cleverly, the British foreign secretary, added on the microblogging website that “violence has no place in politics.” Also, Malala Yousufzai, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, added with this that “it is always unacceptable to insult political leaders of any party or belief system.”
According to a European Union (EU) team in Pakistan, “Violence is never a legitimate form of protest. I hope Imran Khan gets well completely. Violence in all its manifestations is wrong and intolerable.”



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