Analyzing Persecutions of Muslims in Pseudo Democratic India20211004124335

Analyzing Persecutions of Muslims in Pseudo Democratic India

adminOctober 4, 20210 comments
It is not the first time that Hindu mobs carrying pickaxes and iron rods hurled rocks at Muslims and other minorities. Delhi has seen one of the worst...
The UAE-Israel Relations and its Impact on Palestinians20210309122056

The UAE-Israel Relations and its Impact on Palestinians

adminMarch 9, 20210 comments
Introduction For many decades, Arab and Muslim states have remained hostile towards Israel and supported the Palestinian cause. The 21st century has s...
Israel’s 4th Election in 2 years20210305121748

Israel’s 4th Election in 2 years

adminMarch 5, 20210 comments
Israel had its fourth legislative election in a two-year period to establish a single dominating party rather than a coalition. Despite staying short ...
Confrontation in Himalayas20200923123639

Confrontation in Himalayas

adminSeptember 23, 20200 comments
In more than four decades for the first time tensions sparked in the world’s most difficult terrain, Himalayas when China and India stumbled in a bloo...
Jawaharlal Nehru University: Violent attack by ABVP Mob20200121124357

Jawaharlal Nehru University: Violent attack by ABVP Mob

adminJanuary 21, 20200 comments
Jawaharlal Nehru University named after India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru became a war zone when a mob with their faces covered having sti...
Pakistan-Iran Trade: New Dimensions20191121124704

Pakistan-Iran Trade: New Dimensions

adminNovember 21, 20190 comments
The Pakistan-Iran relations have been progressing with the passage of time. Relations between the two States have been shaped bilaterally on the basis...
Is there an End to Yemen War?20191111122428

Is there an End to Yemen War?

adminNovember 11, 20190 comments
Half of the Saudi’s crude oil production was attacked on September 14th, when a drone hit the Aramco facility. The Houthi’s accepted the responsibilit...
China India Trade20191111111948

China India Trade

adminNovember 11, 20190 comments
From the past years, China and India are engaged into various conflicts and an example of tensions between them was seen on 21st October 2017 when bot...
Faith Politicized in India20191018124924

Faith Politicized in India

adminOctober 18, 20190 comments
India in South Asia has been the center stage for using religion for political gains, by exploiting the caste, and religion of people through a huge p...
What if India attacks?20190904125049

What if India attacks?

adminSeptember 4, 20190 comments
The history of wars between Pakistan and India demonstrates that due to close proximity of borders and militarily active Line of Control (LOC), any at...