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Sharing Future Economic Progress: Potential Avenue for Collaborations Between Pakistan and Bangladesh20211029094304
China’s Political Engagement in Afghanistan20211029080833
Hedging Bets on the Taliban Regime20211029075340
Strengthening Pakistan’s Climate Change Policy20211024174126
China’s Interests in Afghanistan: Post U.S. Military Withdrawal20211024164248
Analyzing Persecutions of Muslims in Pseudo Democratic India20211004124335
Conference on Afghanistan Crisis: What Lies Ahead?20211003100946
National Report of Pakistan: For HABITAT III20211003090433
Effective Implementation of UNSCR 1540 in Research and Academia: the Role of CBRN Security Culture20211003084730
CPEC: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan20211002191602
Webinar on: Indian Nuclear Safety and Security: A Reality Check?20210929091705
Dividends to Pakistan’s Economy from Afghan Peace – Challenges and Opportunities20210908104917
Pakistan Deliberately Snubbed at Climate Change Summit 202120210906111046
A Fresh Agreement between IAEA and Iran for Nuclear Observation20210906095251
Breaking Israil & UAE20210814173839
International Webinar on: “Dividends to Pakistan’s Economy from Afghan Peace: Challenges and Opportunities”20210814102636
International Webinar on “Pakistan’s Middle East Policy: Bilateralism vs. National Interest”20210814102403
Conference on Reconciliation and Peace in Afghanistan: Implication for Regional and International Stability20210814101846
Conference on Water Crisis: An Imminent Danger to Pakistan Stability20210814101038
A Centaury Long Marathon20210706095904
Pakistan Bangladesh Economic Relations: Future of Cooperation20210702094711
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity20210412193546
Pakistan Deliberately Snubbed at Climate Change Summit 202120210403085020
The UAE-Israel Relations and its Impact on Palestinians20210309122056
Israel’s 4th Election in 2 years20210305121748
Monthly International Assessment Report20210303080454
Sino-India rapprochement, real or diplomatic deception?20210223122659
Dividends to Pakistan Economy from Afghan Peace: Challenges and Opportunities20210222091628
Weekly Newsletter20210213103303
International Assessment Report20210126112135
International Assessment Report20210126085733
Weekly Newsletter20210112104217
International Webinar on Pakistan Middle East Policy: Bilateralism vs. National Interests20210103091030
Weekly Newsletter20201206115520
Weekly Newsletter20201206112931
International Assessment Report20201130120856
International Assesment Report20201124123955
International Assessment Report20201124122954
Electromagnetic Pulse: Weapon of Today20201122193811
Conference on Unlawful Annexation: Holocaust & Humanitarian Crisis in IOK20201003092259
Making Sense of the CPEC Controversy20201002175519
Confrontation in Himalayas20200923123639
Sea Control by Pakistan Navy in 1965 War20200905191811
Conference on Reconciliation and Peace in Afghanistan: Implication for Regional and International Stability20200824094128
US Presidential Elections 2020: A Race between Democrats and Republicans20200303064322
President Trump’s Visit to India: Pakistan’s Diplomatic Success on Indian Soil20200303063941
China Bounces Back from the Mysterious Coronavirus Epidemic20200203070000
Jawaharlal Nehru University: Violent attack by ABVP Mob20200121124357
Preventing the Use of Chemical Weapons20200121083857
Weekly Newsletter20200106114108
Conference on Water Crisis: An Imminent Danger to Pakistan Stability20191203092030
Pakistan-Iran Trade: New Dimensions20191121124704
Is there an End to Yemen War?20191111122428
China India Trade20191111111948
Mission Kashmir: A new wave of diplomacy to resolve Kashmir Issue20191018184805
Faith Politicized in India20191018124924
Financial Action Task Force: Way Forward for Pakistan20191018112130
What if India attacks?20190904125049
IOK: Humanitarian Crisis?20190903122733
People Are Tweeting Their Rage At Scalia – But They’re Making One Crucial Mistake20190901151003
How a tweet turned Uber’s first hire into a billionaire20190901150050
Religious Extremism: Lynching against Minorities20190809130912
Religious Extremism: Lynching against Minorities20190809113101
USA Military Aid to Pakistan – Recent Developments20190809112522
Dialogue and Peace: Resolution of Kashmir Conflict20190729131151
PM Visit: Trade and Economic Cooperation20190729112734
Conference on Strategic Environment: Role of Leadership (2050)20190403093439
Conference on Positive Propaganda vs. Rhetoric: Managing Policy Perception of Pakistan20190403092636
Conference on Actualization of national Narrative20190328093717
Conference on Occupied Kashmir: The Victim of State and Societal Coercion20190225094724
Conference on Instruments of Strategic Coercion: Theories and Implications20190123095353
Conference on UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir: Demographic Changes and Societal Implications20181208095558
One Day International Conference on “Kashmir: An Unfinished Agenda of Partition”20180928123024
Conference on Pakistan Geo-Strategic Requirements: Strategic Alliances or Partnerships20180905095848
Train Your Brain This New Years20180709152100
Make It Your Destiny To Accomplish Great Things In20180709151822
Motivation How To Build Trust At Work20180709150724
Motivation S Effect On Mental And Physical Health20180702122450
Conference on Kashmir: An Unfinished Agenda of Partition20180507100327
E.U. Pledges to Fight Back on Trump Tariffs as Trade War Looms20180308114355
China calls on US and North Korea to have talks as soon as possible20180308114204
China says resolve to protect peace, stability in South China Sea unshakeable20180308113853
China denies trying to supplant US role in global affairs20180303114016
NPC 2018: China’s resolve to protect peace, stability in South China Sea unshakeable, says Wang Yi20180303113604
UN Security Council concerned as bombing continues in Syria20180303113406
Assessing Vulnerability to Global Environmental Risks20171106082532
One Day International Conference on “Afghanistan Crisis: What Lies Ahead?”20171103074943
Slumber of Winter’s Sojourn20171103074646
The American Intent- Afghanistan20171103074347
Image Gallery Post20171021071811
External Video Post20171021070426
Stacked Images Gallery20171021064818
Self-Hosted Video20171021055838

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